And sometimes, against all Odds, against all Logic, we still Hope!!!

I must confess that I am addicted to WhatsApp. Every morning, the moment I get up, I turn on my phone to read WhatsApp messages. Today was no different. However little did I know that the message which I was about to receive would put the wheels running in my brain.

Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try.

The above line was sent to me by way of a good morning message. And imagine my surprise. This one sentence was stubborn enough not to let me have a peaceful day.

I have been accustomed to this habit of opening my WhatsApp account the very first thing in the morning. But I have never quite understood the significance behind this action.

Hope was already in action without me taking cognizance of the fact.

What was I hoping for? Wasn’t it my heart hanging on to this ridiculous belief that someone might find me important enough to message me in the dead of the night? Wasn’t it my pathetic attempt to find some purpose to begin the day with?

Today I genuinely felt the difference between solitude and loneliness.

Solitude is self-imposed. It is desired. It is welcomed. However loneliness is what I would not even wish on my enemies. (Okay, scratch that. I am evil enough to see my enemies suffer.)

I had always preferred to be left alone. Being an introvert in the extreme sense of the term, this feat was not that difficult to achieve.

However it was only today that I realized that in the attempt of being left alone, I was in fact embracing loneliness instead of solitude.

And this thought scared me out of my wits. Was I actually happy in being left alone?

Yes! A part of me wanted to agree instantly. But then why would I ‘hope’, everyday that at least one single person would find me interesting enough to try seeking me out overnight?

The answer was simple. Actually it could be summed up in only one word.


Hope is the driving force behind our life. Hope is that part which makes us strive towards something. Let it be your desire to achieve intellectual superiority or let it be a stepping stone towards your dream job or it may even be something ridiculously philosophical as the betterment of human civilization; there has to be something which gives you the much needed hope that someday you might live to achieve that goal.

Your desire gives you the purpose to live the life but it is the hope that you might someday actually achieve your desired object that makes this journey bearable.

To sum it up, hope is what makes you live the life to its fullest potential. Thus it is of paramount importance never to loose hope. Hope is the very will to live.

Ever heard such phrases that a man committed suicide because he lost his will to live? This ‘will’ is nothing but hope – the driving force of your life.

However, I believe that it isn’t the absence of hope that pushes a man to the very edge of life. In fact it is quite the opposite.

It is the presence of hope that the life after the death will be much more pleasurable and satisfying which makes death a reasonable price to pay.


A Cup of Tea!!!

Have you ever felt this insatiable desire to express yourself? If yes, then you will perhaps understand how I am feeling right now.

To be frank, it has been quite a while since I had such an extreme urge to write down my thoughts.

It is as if my brain is working overtime and my other senses are failing me to keep up to such high expectations.

Gosh! I feel like such a typical writer. It is pouring outside. I am sitting at the window with a cup of tea in my hand with nothing and no one else than myself for company.

See,I told you, a typical writer’s dream workplace.

But instead of admiring the artistic colours of nature being sprayed across this enormous canvas; all I can think about is the “WINDOW”.

Window – The only thing that is currently standing between me and the rains pouring down outside.

On one side, an artist is giving the performance of his lifetime. And he is using all the tools in his arsenal to ensure that the audience is not lead astray. As if he is offering everything he has to offer just so as to keep me engrossed. There is wind, rain and even thunder. All of it just to keep me occupied.

And on the other, the plain old me, trying my best not to notice any of this and keeping my nose buried in the phone. Even when the performer is begging for my attention, I cannot seem to be able to divert my attention from the material things that keep on tugging at my heart.

At this instant I want nothing else from life than the ability to be like a window. On one side it is accepting nature’s masterpiece with open arms and yet, at the same time, on the other side it has managed to stay detached.

Why cannot we be like the window???

Things We Do In The Name Of GANDHI!!!


India is a weird country. We Indians preach one thing and practice a whole other thing. Yes, I made a statement and I stand by it.

People say that we need a strong leader who isn’t under anybody’s control. But when a leader does act on his own accord; we call him a dictator.

People say that speech and expression must be free. But when any reporter dares to report the truth; they are persecuted.

People say that they want an India wherein the caste doesn’t play any role. But yet the same people will protest for reservation.

People believe that the police are a must for their safety. But seeing a policeman makes us nervous rather than feeling safe.

Our own parents want their children to stand out in a crowd. But at the same time, they expect them to do what everybody else is doing.


The reason for pointing out all these ironical things about India and Indians is that until last month I was a firm believer that I was above such things. I was certain that I won’t practice something that I don’t preach. I was sure that there would be no distinction between what I say and what I do.

Alas. This all changed sometime during last month.

I had always been extremely vocal when it came to the politicians who tried to use the name of our great freedom fighters (national heroes) for their own benefits. I had always criticised our current politicians, who first created their own garbage/waste and then cleaned the same in the name of “cleanliness”.

But when the opportunity arose, even I followed the footsteps of our so-called political leaders and ventured out on the negative side of morality for the sake of personal gain.

A couple of weeks ago, I had participated in a so-called cleanliness mission named “Swachhta Hi Sewa” which was organized in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi.


I am ashamed to admit that I totally misused the privilege granted to me to serve my own country by contributing towards its cleanliness.

I am full of regret that I treated the entire scenario just as a set to get my photos clicked a couple of times as a proof that I tried to be a good citizen.

All I looked for was some sort of evidence that I participated in doing some good to the society rather than actually rendering my services to the society.

I won’t apologize. Because I don’t believe in saying sorry. Saying ‘sorry’ is just an escape route. And I  don’t want to escape and avoid facing the consequences.

I believe that the only way to remedy the mistake made by you is by making amends. And here I am; doing just that. Making amends.

I have already started the process of amending by trying to clean first and foremost my own thoughts.

It’s time to make Gandhi proud.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Irrelevant!!!



Hello friends/comrades/associates/companions/acquaintances/strangers.

Welcome to my humble abode. Here I share whatever thoughts come to my mind. Albeit the diluted version of my thoughts. Or you may call it the people friendly version.

Already decided that I am that crazy, lunatic kind of guy who just doesn’t have anything better to do then to frustrate the hell out of others? I won’t blame you. How can I when I think the same about everyone else in this world?

But stay with me for a while. The whole point of all this introductory nonsense was to allow you, people, to familiarize with the ways of my mind.

As you may have noticed, everything has a purpose. Even the ramblings of a lunatic serve some purpose.

Infant cries. Some may think that the crying of an infant is irrelevant. But no. It may be irrelevant for you. However, for the mother, it is the only sound that makes sense.

Right from the movement of your birth till the time you die; each and everything, either done by you or done to you is relevant in some way or the other.

And that is precisely what makes this world a very boring place to live in.

It is quite pathetic to see what people do just to be considered as being relevant.

It appears as if the Art of Being Irrelevant has vanished from the realms.

Believe me when I say that sometimes being irrelevant can be a boon.

For instance, if I were to be one of those people whose sole aim in life is to be relevant; then perhaps I would never have had the opportunity to write this post. 

I thrive and succeed because I know the significance of being irrelevant.

Sometimes being irrelevant might be the only relevant thing that one can do!!! 

A Letter From The Heart!!!

When thinking about a gift for my brother’s birthday, I came to the conclusion that choosing a gift for him was proving almost impossible.

So, instead of buying something, I wrote something.

A Letter From The Heart!!! 

Dear Brother,

I know that this seems surreal; even I wouldn’t believe that I am writing a letter to you expressing my ‘affection’ towards you. Huh! something is seriously wrong with me right now. Otherwise, why would I have addressed you as my ‘dear’ brother? I bet it came as a surprise. It was a surprise for me too.

One thing that is troubling me right now is that it seems that both ME and MYSELF are together in this conspiracy of tricking me into writing this letter.

You might be wondering why I of all the people in this damn world would do something good for you; when I have been nothing but a disaffectionate person towards you? It was a necessity. All crimes that you allege against me were committed out of necessity. I had to be the one to instill some common sense in your head. Because believe it or not, our parents behave as if you are better than most of the people of this century.

I would strongly disagree and argue that this comparison is an insult to your very core and being. They are imposing unwanted restrictions upon you. They are trying to make you believe that at best you can be just better than most others. NO!!!!! Please don’t let them tell you what you can be or what you cannot be. You have the potential to be much more than just being better than someone. You can be one of the best out there. Hell, you can even be better than your dear old brother if you put the required efforts. You are like that untapped source of energy which is just waiting to be discovered. Don’t let it go to waste. Use that energy wisely.

Okay enough with the advice.

Now, since it is your birthday; I am obliged to say something nice about you. It won’t be a recurring event so please drop everything that you are doing and enjoy the joy of being praised by me for doing something special such as being born.

Do you remember that day when I had told you that we had bought you from the Bazaar on a discount because I needed something new or someone new to play with? Well as a gift I would like to assure you that it was a lie. You belong with us. The same blood runs through your veins as mine.

Now, if you have had the opportunity to read the theory proposed by Charles Darwin (which I very much doubt); you would know the following words: “Survival of the Strongest.”

First of all, let me congratulate you for turning thirteen today. I know it wasn’t an easy job, especially when taken into consideration my constant presence in your life. And even despite every obstacle that I threw in your path, you survived. And that is what matters. Survival of the strongest. Read between the lines and you will know what I am trying to say. Okay I know that you are not so smart so I would say it, but just for this once, “Yes! I do believe that you are capable of even being better than me.”

On the end note, I would say that you are one of those few lucky individuals who are capable of being my friends. Don’t let this opportunity pass by. I choose my friends very carefully. But I didn’t get that choice with you. You are my brother. I HAD to be with you. But now I WANT to be with you. This time it is my choice.

Fly my dear brother; spread your wings and remember that the horizon is your only limit. Try and fulfill your destiny. The world is yours to conquer.   


The Darkness Within!!!

Hello, World…!!!

For all my avid readers out there; you might be wondering about the title that I chose as the heading of my new blog post. But believe me when I say that I had almost typed “How to Steal a Car & Get Away with It!!!” as the title head.

Last week I came across an article which said that the ‘life is a book full of surprises’.

So today I have decided to turn open the book of my life and pen down some of the excerpts from THE Book!!!

I will do it in a random manner. I won’t stick to any particular format in which I would share the chapters from THE Book of My Life. Because I believe that life is full of surprises and if I followed a particular pattern then it might give away some of the element of surprise to my readers.

Here I am on page number 84. Chapter 17.

In the year of 2001, the month of May, a 4-year-old boy named Omkar Thakur woke up in the morning of a nice, warm and pleasant day. The summer was upon the city. The young boy was quite oblivious to what was kept reserved for him in the near future. He was a great kid. A perfectly healthy one. But was he a normal kid just like everyone else of his age? His parents would have loved to declare to the whole world that their son was just like everyone else. But alas, they were too truthful to tell such a blatant lie. The kid was by no means normal. He was special. His mind worked in a way that no one else’s did. He found solutions in situations where all hope was lost.

Even on that faithful morning, he woke up oblivious to what was waiting for him later on the same day. The boy was playing with his own imaginary friends in the house when the father decided to interfere. The father wanted to go shopping and he didn’t want his son to be all alone in the house. So he decided that he would drop the son to one of the relatives and after completing his work he would pick him up. The father told his son about his plan and promised that he would return within an hour or so.

I sincerely wish that I could say that the father returned as promised. But no!!! That was not how it occurred.

The son waited and waited for his father to return. But he never did. Son was desperate. He wanted to be back with his family. He wanted to be safe. He was on the verge of tears. But he didn’t cry. He had faith in his father that no matter what, his father would return to him. He hoped against all the hopes that his father would not abandon him. But even that hope started failing the boy.

But that kid had known from the beginning never to depend on someone else. He kept on repeating his mantra. Be LOGICAL!!!

However, the problem was that the kid was just 4 years old and he had come across a situation where he couldn’t make sense of what was going on with him. Was his father abandoning him? Has he left there with unknown people away from his own family? Had his father forgotten the promise that he made to his son? Or did the father simply forget that he had a son, to begin with? All such questions were having a free reign in the mind of the 4-year-old.

There was only one way out. To reach out to the safety of his family. But how? And the child decided. He knew that his father used a car to come back to home. So the child decided that all he needed was a car. And if he didn’t own one, the next logical thing for the young boy was to get it from someone who had one. Having resolved to resort to any measures in order to reach the safety of his own home, the child ran from his relatives. He ran and ran until he came across a car. The problem was that the car wasn’t empty. There were people inside the car. How was he supposed to get it with all the grown-ups sitting in the car? But the child didn’t waste any time for he wanted to get back to his home as soon as possible. He had already decided to commit an offense. So what was one more for him, if it would mean that he would reach home faster?

The child was a brilliant one. He planned the heist of the century that no one, let alone a kid so young could have dreamed of achieving. He decided that he would not only steal the car but also kidnap the people sitting in the car in broad daylight and without any sort of weapon. The kid ran with all his might and stood in front of the car with his hands stretched wide. He refused to let the car pass. And as soon as the car stopped, the kid jumped in the car, locked the doors and ordered the people sitting inside to drive the car. He provided the directions and the strangers drove on. The boy was successful in his great adventure. He had finally reached his home. He was safe.

And as a reward he let the kidnapped victims of his crime walk out freely without any ransom and gifted back the car to them as he had no further use of it.

The Search Continues!!!

Hello, World…!!!

I have got three things for you today: A confession, a thought, and a lesson.

The Confession!!!

Last week I started a new blog by posting ‘In Search of the Unknown Someone!!!’ Now for those who remember the infamous bus ride that I took with my friend in the first post; it was the same bus but this time the friend accompanying me was different. Apparently, this friend had read my blog and was of the view that it would be impossible for me to change myself. Now when someone tells you that you are wrong, it is but natural for you to be on guard and try to defend your actions. I did the same thing which didn’t go well with my friend and we started arguing. In the heat of the moment, he asked me WHY? Why did I want to change myself? And I didn’t know how to answer that particular question. Because frankly speaking I had never thought about it. All I knew was that I no longer wanted to be the same old ‘me’. But I was not aware of the reason that my brain had come up with at the time of suggesting it to me. So unknowingly I answered that I wanted to change myself because I was fed up with myself. I didn’t want to live with myself.

Before you get all worried, let me make one thing clear. I am not suicidal. The words that I didn’t want to live with myself had been uttered without even knowing what they meant. However, those words have continued to haunt me from that day onwards. My mind had no other thoughts than thinking over what I meant when I said that I no longer wanted to live with myself. That one sentence was embedded in my mind in such a way that I was unable to focus on anything else.

The Thought!!!

But those words gave rise to an interesting thought. What I am trying to achieve through all of this blogging hard work is to identify myself. My true nature. I am in search of the inner me. And the reason for going through all this trouble is that I am fed up with myself and that I don’t want to live with myself.

Thus this brought me to a conclusion that there has to be two “ME’s”. The first is the “I” and the other is “myself” with whom the “I” is fed up with.

It was so confusing that I couldn’t even process this information properly. Who could? If you were, suddenly, to find out that in the place that you call your home is another person living along with you but you were not aware of his presence till now. What will you do in such a case? Of course in material (real) life, you could file an eviction notice. But how can you do the same thing if there are two beings sharing the same body?

The first ‘I’ for me was my intellect. The brain! Working continuously in every operation that I undertook in my life. And the second ‘myself’ for me was my heart. That emotional part of me that my brain disagreed with. My brain wanted to be free from my heart. ‘I’ wanted to be free from ‘myself’.

The Lesson!!!

The struggle or perhaps the cold war between these two superpowers namely ‘I’ (brain) and ‘myself’ (heart) is an ongoing process. We most of the times are not even aware of this struggle. The influence that these two “ME’s” have over our actions is very subtle. It is very difficult to predict which one of the two “ME’s” is in power at any given moment. But one thing that I have understood is that these two “ME’s” cannot coexist. One has to win while the other has to be defeated in order for life to continue. I have decided which of the two “ME’s” should have authority over my life. After all, that is the only choice which is yours. Because as soon as you make this choice, you are no longer in control of your own actions. It is either your intellect or your emotions that prove to be the driving force behind each and every act that you commit.

This brings me to the lesson; choose wisely. Either go with the ‘I’ i.e. the intellect or go with ‘myself’ which represents the involvement of emotions in your day-to-day choices. But choose fast. Because one cannot survive while the other exist. The only way to stop this power struggle is to name one of them victorious. And banish the other beyond the realm of thought.


In Search of the Unknown Someone!!!

Hello, World…!!!

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was traveling in a bus to my college when one of those people whom you call your ‘friend’ decided to drop the bomb on me. Yes! I clearly remember that day. It was but the second day of the new year and after the preliminary greetings, my friend asked the dreaded question. To be frank I was expecting that question. But it was like something that you know is coming your way but at the same time, you cannot prepare yourself for it. Like Death!!!

My friend asked me what my new year’s resolution was? And that got me thinking; Why? Why of all the things that people do in their life do they make a resolution every year when all of us know that no one can abide by the resolution that they make? And still yet, without any mistake, we keep on making new resolutions every year and with equal enthusiasm resolve not to do it. So I answered that I refuse to follow the footsteps of other beings in this silly custom of theirs and thus I don’t have a resolution of my own.

But the week that followed continued to harass me because of that one incident. And here I am today, after exactly 7 days from that infamous bus accident, with a resolution. My resolution, like myself, was a negative one to start with. I simply decided that it won’t do me any good to enter into the new year with the same old ‘me’. So my resolve was to stop being myself. But it gave rise to other questions such as do I even know myself properly? Because to change something you should know what that thing is.

Thus I have started this blog in order to find the real ‘me’ and to try and understand him (or me). Hope you will join me on this journey to find who I am? But please make sure not to mistake this blog as a philosophical one, because it is not. It is meant to be a manifestation of my real self.

Hoping against all the hopes that I would succeed in this great adventure of finding the real me. Truly, this is a journey in search of that unknown someone whom everyone is trying to find. That unknown someone is none other than ME!!!